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Rob (Roberto) Seifert

Rob (Roberto) Seifert

Medicare Expert

I am appointed with most of the major carriers in South Florida and they provide my compensation, there is no charge for my services. I am not biased in my suggestions by financial considerations. This is important because I don’t work for only one insurance company and try to sell the plan they have, rather I concentrate in helping each person find the plan that best fits them taking in to account the Doctors they want and the medicines they take. Rather than switching plans all the time it makes sense to dedicate the time necessary the first time around to help put people into a plan that best fits their needs. I am also an advisor and keep an eye out for any changes that may come up and help in case a major problem arises.


I became a licensed insurance broker in 2008 in Dallas, Texas, where I gained experience in many areas of the insurance industry such as employee benefits, annuities, life and health and of course Medicare. I moved to Florida in 2016 and have focused primarily in helping people find the Medicare plan that best fits their needs at the lowest possible cost. I still am licensed in Texas as I continue to serve friends and clients there. ( thus my Texas phone number )
Hopefully, you will find my site has an ample amount of good and useful information, but from experience I still highly recommend signing up for a webinar be it in a group or a private session. Feel free to shoot me an email, text or phone call with any questions!
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Customer Reviews

“Rob and the team at Medicare Choices really simplified the process of applying for Medicare. I’m so glad I found them!”

“My husband and I originally were signed up on a plan that didn’t include most of the services we needed. Rob was able to take a look at our medical needs and get us signed up for the right plan .”

This stuff is confusing and I’m still not an expert but I learned enough to know what is important so I could take a decision. I am so glad I went to his workshop. Very thorough and patient.

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