Florida Medicare Options

Our comprehensive review breaks down the Medicare options available to Floridians.

Medicare options overwhelming?
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Medicare consultation

Medicare is extremely complex and confusing for most people. The following is a simplified outline that explains some of the major points to know. Each person is different, and we would suggest a personal consultation to better your understanding of your particular situation.

Coming up on age 65 you may decide to sign up for Medicare (Enroll in Part B) either by going to your local Social Security or going online to SSA.GOV and enrolling in Medicare Part B. This may be done 90 days before the month of your birthday, the month of your birthday, or up to 90 days after. There are exceptions but generally it is important to do avoiding any late enrollment penalties. It takes about 30 days to get your card.

Medicare Plans

Signing up for Medicare is the first step and must be done before you can sign up for a Medicare Advantage or a Medicare Supplement plan. The enrollment in Medicare means you have signed up for Parts A and B. The two together are commonly known as Original Medicare! You now have some options before you. You can just keep Original Medicare and purchase a standalone drug plan or you can choose a Medicare Supplement Plan or a Medicare Advantage Plan. Let’s take a quick look at each:

Original Medicare Alone:
This coverage is a bare bone alternative. We would not recommend this because of two factors. The first is that you must purchase a standalone drug plan which is an additional expense. Yet more importantly is that you are responsible for a lot of “gaps” that include a 20% copay on Doctor Visits and Labs as well as Deductibles on hospital visits. This can run in to thousands of dollars!!

Supplemental Plans (Medigap):
These plans have excellent coverage as they allow you to budget wisely while knowing you have complete freedom to visit any Doctor or Hospital you wish to as long as they take Medicare and for the most part your out of pocket expenses are minimal. However, they do have a monthly premium to pay along with your payment to Medicare and it is necessary to purchase a standalone drug plan. You are basically paying for your medical expenses upfront.

Medicare Advantage Plans:
These plans have become extremely popular. You are basically letting the insurance company administer your health care and Medicare will pick up the cost to the insurance company. They are popular because the monthly cost of the plan is low, and in many cases has a $0 cost. The plans also typically include drug coverage as part of the plan, so you avoid having to pay for a standalone drug plan. Medicare Advantage Plans are network-based which means that it is always convenient to stay within the network or in the case of an HMO, it is obligatory to see only Doctors or Hospitals in the network

Frequently Asked Questions

Cost of Medicare
The cost of Medicare is based on each person’s income level. Most people during 2020 will be paying $144.60 per month.
Do I have to enroll in Medicare?
Not as long as you have employer insurance that is compliant, known as creditable coverage. However, you should take a look at which is most cost-efficient.
Why does the Medicare card come automatically to some and not to others?
If you are drawing Social Security benefits they will probably mail you your card. If not, you must enroll to receive it.
May I have Medicare and postpone my Social Security retirement benefits?


If I have an HMO and have an emergency in another State will I be covered?
Yes, but it may be necessary for further treatment to be done within your specific area.
Why am I getting so much mail and so many calls?
Because Public Records being available, this allows the insurance company your information. When they call or
visit, they are steering you towards their plan only. This is the reason why I help you to understand how all of the plans work and let you decide who to go with.
If I move may I take my Medicare Advantage plan with me?
No, they are county specific, but you are allowed to
change plans when you move.
Can I change plans later?

Yes. However there are enrollment periods for different situations the main one being from October 15 through December 7 of every year.

Which is better Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage?
They are both good alternatives and depend on the needs, plans and budget of each individual.
On my card there are two dates. What do they mean?
The dates are effective dates for Part A and for Part B. The dates can be different but usually are the same. Part A for most is $0 cost so even if you don’t enroll in Part B when you turn 65, sign up for Part A as it will coordinate benefits with your current insurance at work.